Secret Movie Details

The Killers


Rated: 7.8
Run time: 103 min
Director: Robert Siodmak
Actors: Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner, Edmond O'Brien, Albert Dekker, Sam Levene, Vince Barnett, Virginia Christine, Jack Lambert, Charles D. Brown, Donald MacBride, Charles McGraw, William Conrad, Ernie Adams, Audley Anderson, George Anderson, Sam Ash, Frank Baker, Brooks Benedict, John Berkes, Edward Biby, Harry Brown, Phil Brown, Jack Cheatham, James Conaty, Jeff Corey, Gino Corrado, Noel Cravat, Oliver Cross, Rex Dale, Neal Dodd, Mike Donovan, Howard Freeman, Dick Gordon, Robert Haines, Michael Hale, Sam Harris, Harry Hayden, Mark Hellinger, Al Hill, George Hoagland, Jimmie Horan, Geoffrey Ingham, Kenner G. Kemp, Paul Kruger, Ethan Laidlaw, Mike Lally, Perc Launders, Nolan Leary, Vera Lewis, Jack Lomas, Therese Lyon, Frank McLure, Charles Middleton, John Miljan, Howard Negley, Garry Owen, Barbara 'Red' Powers, Beatrice Roberts, Wally Rose, William Ruhl, Wallace Scott, John Sheehan, Queenie Smith, Ann Staunton, Jack Tornek, John Trebach, Bill Walker, Milton Wallace, Gabrielle Windsor, Florenc
Year: 1946


Two professional killers invade a small town and kill a gas station attendant, "the Swede," who's expecting them. Insurance investigator Reardon pursues the case against the orders of his boss, who considers it trivial. Weaving together threads of the Swede's life, Reardon uncovers a complex tale of treachery and crime, all linked with gorgeous, mysterious Kitty Collins. Written by Rod Crawford