Secret Movie Details

Send Me No Flowers


Rated: 7
Run time: 100 min
Director: Norman Jewison
Actors: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Paul Lynde, Hal March, Edward Andrews, Patricia Barry, Clint Walker, Clive Clerk, Dave Willock, Aline Towne, Helene Winston, Christine Nelson, John Alban, Don Anderson, Shirley Anthony, Herschel Bernardi, Paul Bradley, Lou Byrne, Tommy Cook, Paul Cristo, Pat Crowley, George DeNormand, Forrest Draper, George Hoagland, Shep Houghton, Maureen Janzen, Jean Paul King, Joseph La Cava, Robert Locke Lorraine, Clyde McLeod, William Meader, John Melfi, Fred Rapport, Tony Regan, Leoda Richards, Cosmo Sardo, Bernard Sell, Hal Taggart, Herb Vigran
Year: 1964


At one of his many visits to his doctor, hypochondriac George Kimball mistakes a dying man's diagnosis for his own and believes he only has about two more weeks to live. Wanting to take care of his wife Judy, he doesn't tell her and tries to find her a new husband. When he finally does tell her, she quickly finds out he's not dying at all (while he doesn't) and she believes it's just a lame excuse to hide an affair, so she decides to leave him. Written by Leon Wolters