Secret Movie Details

Hanover Street


Rated: 6
Run time: 109 min
Director: Peter Hyams
Actors: Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down, Christopher Plummer, Alec McCowen, Richard Masur, Michael Sacks, Patsy Kensit, Max Wall, Shane Rimmer, Keith Buckley, Sherrie Hewson, Cindy O'Callaghan, Di Trevis, Suzanne Bertish, Keith Alexander, Jay Benedict, John Ratzenberger, Eric Stine, Hugh Fraser, William Hootkins, Kristine Howarth, Shaun Scott, Ronald Letham, Lesley Ward, Eugene Lipinski, Gary Waldhorn, John Rees, Seymour Matthews, Tony Sibbald, George Pravda, Harry Brooks Jr., Eddie Kidd, Del Baker, Derek Chafer, Tony Clarkin, Michael Crane, Alan Harris, Lew Hooper, Alf Mangan, Chris Parsons
Year: 1979


During the Second World War, an American Pilot stationed in England meets a young British nurse during an air raid on London. The two instantly fall in love, despite the fact that the young Nurse is already married; a secret she keeps hidden from her American lover. After being shot down behind enemy lines, while being assigned to ferry a British agent into France, the American pilot realizes that his secret agent cargo is in fact his lover's husband, and that the two must now work together in order to survive. Written by Anthony Hughes