Secret Movie Details

Kiss of the Spider Woman


Rated: 7.3
Run time: 120 min
Director: Hector Babenco
Actors: William Hurt, Raul Julia, Sônia Braga, José Lewgoy, Milton Gonçalves, Míriam Pires, Nuno Leal Maia, Fernando Torres, Patricio Bisso, Herson Capri, Denise Dumont, Nildo Parente, Antônio Petrin, Wilson Grey, Miguel Falabella, Walter Breda, Luiz Guilherme, Walmir Barros, Luis Serra, Ana Maria Braga, Benjamin Cattan, Oswaldo Barreto, Sergio Bright, Claudio Curi, Lineu Dias, Joe Kantor, Luis Roberto Galizia, Pericles Campos, Edmilson Santos, Walter Vicca, Ken Kaneko, Geogers Schlesinger, Carlos Fariello, Frederico Botelho, Sylvio Band, Paulo Ludmer, Elvira Bisso, Eduardo Conde, Sergio Kato, Ivan Setta, Carlos Augusto Strazzer
Year: 1985


Luis Molina and Valentin Arregui are cell mates in a South American prison. Luis, a trans individual, is found guilty of immoral behavior and Valentin is a political prisoner. To escape reality Luis invents romantic movies, while Valentin tries to keep his mind on the situation he's in. During the time they spend together, the two men come to understand and respect one another. Written by Leon Wolters