Secret Movie Details



Rated: 6.3
Run time: 98 min
Director: Richard Loncraine
Actors: Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill, Jon Favreau, Bernard Hill, Eleanor Bron, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Austin Nichols, Robert Lindsay, James McAvoy, John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Mary Carillo, John Barrett, Kyle Hyde, Celia Imrie, Penny Ryder, Annabel Leventon, Amanda Walker, Marina Morgan, Barry Jackson, Beti Sekulovski, Vikas Punna, Abhin Galeya, John McGlynn, Jonathan Timmins, Martin O'Brien, John Warnaby, Tam Hoskyns, Peter Cartwright, Eve Pearce, Murphy Jensen, Jeremy Child, Cecilia Dazzi, Ulla van Zeller, Jesse Loncraine, Kellie Shirley, Gemma Catlin, Alun Jones, Simon Greenall, Laura Morley, Danny Baker, Hamed Madani, Rebecca Dandeniya, Sam Bond, Laurence Kennedy, Alan David, Helen Blatch, Chris Moyles, Azucena Duran, Gareth Llewelyn, Geoffrey Leesley, Barry Lee-Thomas, Ryan McCluskey, Maggie McCormack, Thomas Blore, Ceri Bethan, Tariq Chadury, Ray Donn, Joyia Fitch, Martin Heathcote, Steve Lorrigan, James Marinos, Samuel Pont, Sam Raffal, Neil Rogers, Oliver Senton
Year: 2004


Peter Colt, an English tennis player in his thirties whose ranking slipped from 11th to 119th in the world, considers he never really had to fight for anything as his wealthy but all but close family easily put him through studies and allowed him to pursue his tennis ambitions, bravely exchanges jokes with his German sparring partner Dieter Prohl, in a similar position, but feels it's about time to admit he's getting too old to compete with fitter coming men (or boys) and intends, after a last Wimbledon, to take a job with the prestigious tennis club instead. Just then, by accident, he bumps into Lizzie Bradbury, the American rising star of female tennis, falls in love with her and finds her interest in him changes his entire perception, even gives him the strength to win again. But where will it lead them, especially when her overprotective father-manager Dennis Bradbury proves determined to nip their relationship in the bud, believing it detrimental to her career? Written by KGF Vissers