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La chute de l'empire américain


Rated: 7.2
Run time: 127 min
Director: Denys Arcand
Actors: Maxim Roy, Maripier Morin, Éric Bruneau, Vincent Leclerc, Juliette Gosselin, Rémy Girard, Alexandre Landry, Pierre Curzi, Geneviève Schmidt, Catherine Paquin-Bechard, Yan England, Florence Longpré, Louis Morissette, Claude Legault, Rose-Marie Perreault, Benoît Brière, Ayana O'Shun, Gaston Lepage, Al Goulem, Paul Doucet, Denise Robert, Anoulith Sintharaphone, François Dompierre, James Hyndman, Mathieu Lorain Dignard, Denis Bouchard, Patrick Abellard, Marcello Di Fruscia, Ilyes Belayel, Eddy King, Sophie Thibault, Sean McDowell, David Savard, Laurent Paquin, Rémy Deloume, Dominique Bertrand, Elizabeth Eveillard, Kémy St-Éloy, Gilles Brière, Joël Côté, Michel Gregory Dagenais, Brandon Prust, Mariev Rodrig
Year: 2018


A shy and insecure delivery truck driver accidentally arrives on the scene of a major crime and happens to pick up two bags of cash and hide them in his truck. As if an interrogation of two tough police detectives isn't enough, the guy, who has a doctor's degree in philosophy which makes his mind mingle with remorse, must find a way to get rid of this dirty money. Only the help of a prostitute and a former biker released from jail might get him out of trouble, especially that a gang leader is very eager to get his cash back, or kill whoever is responsible for this mess. However, even the two bumbling detectives are monitoring the case as well. Written by RealLiveClaude