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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


Rated: 7.9
Run time: 91 min
Director: Jacques Demy
Actors: Catherine Deneuve, Nino Castelnuovo, Anne Vernon, Marc Michel, Ellen Farner, Mireille Perrey, Jean Champion, Pierre Caden, Jean-Pierre Dorat, Bernard Fradet, Michel Benoist, Philippe Dumat, Dorothée Blanck, Jane Carat, Harald Wolff, Danielle Licari, José Bartel, Christiane Legrand, Georges Blaness, Claudine Meunier, Claire Leclerc, Patrick Bricard, Jacques Camelinat, François Charet, Jean-Pierre Chizat, Jacques Demy, Bernard Garnier, Gisèle Grandpré, Hervé Legrand, Michel Legrand, Myriam Michelson, Paul Pavel, Roger Perrinoz, Rosalie Varda
Year: 1964


The lives of Geneviève Emery and Guy Foucher of Cherbourg, France are presented in four acts. Act 1 begins in November 1957, when 16-year-old Geneviève, who works in her widowed mother's umbrella shop called "Les parapluies de Cherbourg", and 20-year-old Guy, who works as a mechanic at a gas station, are madly in love and want to get married. They are reluctant to tell anyone not only of their want to get married, but of their relationship. Geneviève believes her mother will think her too young and would want her to marry someone with better prospects, especially considering her own tenuous financial situation. And Guy is more concerned now about not abandoning his ailing godmother, Aunt Élise, who raised him, and who he looks after along with a young woman named Madeleine. Act 2, told largely from Geneviève's perspective, begins in February 1958. Guy, drafted to fight for the French in Algeria, has been gone for two months, and is expected to be gone for two years. Geneviève rarely hears from Guy. In order to solve their many problems, Geneviève's mother wants her to marry Roland Cassard, a refined, well-appointed diamond merchant who travels often for his work but is devoted to Geneviève whenever he is in Cherbourg. Geneviève still loves Guy but in her mind she's slowly losing him as a person. She must decide what to do about Roland, especially at accepting his proposal may become more difficult as time goes on. Act 3, told largely from Guy's perspective, begins in March 1959 upon his military discharge and return to Cherbourg. The war has changed him, and he must figure out the next phase of his life from his new perspective. Act 4 takes place on one snowy day in December 1963 and shows Geneviève and Guy in their current lives, based on what has happened in those previous three acts. Written by Huggo