Secret Movie Details

Where's Poppa?


Rated: 6.7
Run time: 82 min
Director: Carl Reiner
Actors: George Segal, Ruth Gordon, Ron Leibman, Trish Van Devere, Barnard Hughes, Vincent Gardenia, Rae Allen, Paul Sorvino, William LeMassena, Michael McGuire, Rob Reiner, Joe Keyes Jr., Israel Lang, Garrett Morris, Arnold Williams, Buddy Butler, Martha Greenhouse, Jane Hoffman, Helen Martin, Tom Atkins, Alice Drummond, Florence Tarlow, Jack Manning, John Gilliar, Rehn Scofield, John McCurry, April Geleta, Edward Brooks, W. Benson Terry, Fuddles, Bill Adams, Vic Ramos, Scott MacDonough, Stella Maris, Penny Marshall
Year: 1970


When New York attorney Gordon Hocheiser meets Louise Callan, the girl of his dreams, he schemes to eliminate his aging, senile mother, even though he promised his late father that he'd always take care of her. He fears that his batty mom's eccentricities will shortly lead to Louise's departure. Written by alfiehitchie