Secret Movie Details

The Wrong Box


Rated: 7
Run time: 105 min
Director: Bryan Forbes
Actors: John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Nanette Newman, Tony Hancock, Peter Sellers, Cicely Courtneidge, Wilfrid Lawson, Thorley Walters, Gerald Sim, Peter Graves, Irene Handl, Norman Bird, John Le Mesurier, Hilton Edwards, Norman Rossington, Diane Clare, Tutte Lemkow, Josef Behrmann, Charlie Bird, Marianne Stone, Michael Bird, Thomas Gallagher, Timothy Bateson, Reg Lye, John Junkin, Roy Murray, Tony Thawnton, George Selway, Gwendolyn Watts, Vanda Godsell, Donald Tandy, Lionel Gamlin, Martin Terry, George Spence, Jeremy Lloyd, James Villiers, Graham Stark, Dick Gregory, Nicholas Parsons, Willoughby Goddard, Valentine Dyall, Leonard Rossiter, Hamilton Dyce, Donald Oliver, Totti Truman Taylor, Jeremy Roughton, Frank Singuineau, Michael Lees, André Morell, Avis Bunnage, Penny Brahms, Maria Kazan, Fred Clark, George Hilsdon, Alf Mangan, Arthur Sandiford, Louise Nolan, John Tatum, Sarah Harrison, John Parker, John Fitch, Norman Hibbert, Jim Scott, Alistair Dic
Year: 1966


A tontine is established for twenty boys in 1818 England, a tontine being a kind of insurance wager in which money is invested by each participant, to grow with interest, with the last survivor to get the substantial payout. We watch the group dwindle until only two elderly brothers are left in 1882. One brother is watched by his nephews who will keep him alive at all costs. The other lives in ill health and poverty as the only support of his perpetually confused grandson. Statues and bodies are switched, in the wrong boxes, until everyone is sure that one (or both) of the brothers has died. Now if they can only make it seem as if the other brother died first, over a hundred thousand pounds (in Victorian England, when a pound was a pound) will be theirs. Written by John Vogel