Secret Movie Details

The Lawnmower Man


Rated: 5.4
Run time: 108 min
Director: Brett Leonard
Actors: Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright, Mark Bringelson, Geoffrey Lewis, Jeremy Slate, Dean Norris, Colleen Coffey, Jim Landis, Troy Evans, Rosalee Mayeux, Austin O'Brien, Michael Gregory, Joe Hart, John Laughlin, Ray Lykins, Michael Valverde, Dale Raoul, Frank Collison, John Smart, Stephen Gregory Foster, Doug Hutchison, Denney Pierce, Roger Rook, Craig Benton, Randall Fontana, Mara Duronslet, Duane Byrne, Bruce Holman, Darrell Mapson
Year: 1992


A scientist performs experiments involving intelligence enhancing drugs and virtual reality on a simple-minded gardener. He puts the gardener on an extensive schedule of learning, and quickly he becomes brilliant. But at this point the gardener has a few ideas of his own on how the research should continue, and the scientist begins losing control of his experiments. Written by Ed Sutton