Secret Movie Details

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs


Rated: 7.4
Run time: 124 min
Director: Delbert Mann
Actors: Robert Preston, Dorothy McGuire, Eve Arden, Angela Lansbury, Shirley Knight, Lee Kinsolving, Frank Overton, Robert Eyer, Penney Parker, Ken Lynch, Bobby Beakman, Paul Birch, Helen Brown, Michael Chain, Paul Comi, John Elman, Ben Erway, Butch Hengen, Stoddard W. Kerby, Jean Paul King, Peg La Centra, Nelson Leigh, Mary Patton, Addison Richards, Charles Seel, Emerson Treacy, Helen Wallace, Robin Warga, Dennis Whitcomb
Year: 1960


In Oklahoma in the 1920s, Ruben Flood loses his job as a traveling salesman, when the company goes bankrupt. This adds to his worries at home. His wife Cora is frigid because of trying to make ends meet. His teenage daughter Reenie is afraid of going out on dates, but eventually makes friends with a troubled Jewish boy Sammy, and his son is a mama's boy. He finally storms out of the house when Cora falsely accuses him of having an affair with Mavis Pruitt. Written by Will Gilbert