Secret Movie Details

Operation Avalanche


Rated: 6
Run time: 94 min
Director: Matt Johnson
Actors: Matt Johnson, Owen Williams, Josh Boles, Jared Raab, Andrew Appelle, Krista Madison, Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Joe Thomas, Tom Bolton, Sharon Belle, Chris Gonsalves, Joe Anastasio, Emilie Paquet, Samantha Michelle, Alexandra Antonovitch, Lyndon File, Ian Greyling, John F. Kennedy
Year: 2016


1967: the height of the Cold War. The CIA suspects there is a Russian mole inside of NASA, sabotaging the Apollo program. They send two young agents on a mission to go undercover, posing as documentary filmmakers to capture NASA's race to the moon. The real mission - use their access and technology to hunt down the leak. But what they discover is far more shocking than soviet spies - Their government may be hiding a secret about Apollo that could define the decade, and the White House will stop at nothing to silence anyone who learns it.