Secret Movie Details

The Fisher King


Rated: 7.6
Run time: 137 min
Director: Terry Gilliam
Actors: Jeff Bridges, Adam Bryant, Paul Lombardi, David Hyde Pierce, Ted Ross, Lara Harris, Warren Olney, Frazer Smith, Mercedes Ruehl, Kathy Najimy, Harry Shearer, Melinda Culea, James Remini, Mark Bowden, John Ottavino, Brian Michaels, Jayce Bartok, Dan Futterman, Robin Williams, Bradley Gregg, William Jay Marshall, William Preston, Al Fann, Stephen Bridgewater, Amanda Plummer, John Heffernan, Chris Howell, Michael Jeter, Richard LaGravenese, Anita Dangler, Mark Bringelson, Johnny Paganelli, Diane Robin, John Benjamin Red, Lisa Blades, Christian Clemenson, Carlos Carrasco, Joe Jamrog, John de Lancie, Lou Hancock, Caroline Cromelin, Kathleen Bridget Kelly, Pat Fraley, Mel Bourne, Kristen Connors, Ruben Dario Cruz II, Larry Echerer, Kevin Fennessy, Ray Huffman, Jack Mulcahy, Peter Austin Noto, Scott Seidman, Tom Waits
Year: 1991


After hearing a popular DJ rail against yuppies, a madman carries out a massacre in a popular New York bar. Dejected and remorseful, the DJ strikes up a friendship with Parry, a former professor who became unhinged and then homeless after witnessing his wife's violent death in the bar shooting. The DJ seeks redemption by helping Parry in his quest to recover an item that he believes is the Holy Grail and to win the heart of the woman he loves. Written by Jim Sanders and Determined Copy Editor