Secret Movie Details

The Waterboy


Rated: 6.1
Run time: 90 min
Director: Frank Coraci
Actors: Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, Jerry Reed, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Blake Clark, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Al Whiting, Clint Howard, Allen Covert, Rob Schneider, Todd Holland, Robert Kokol, Frank Coraci, Jennifer Taylor, James Bates Jr., Kelly Hare, Dawn Birch, Steve Raulerson, Christopher Mugglebee, Brett Rice, John Farley, Kevin P. Farley, Lee Corso, Bill Cowher, Dan Fouts, Chris Fowler, Jimmy Johnson, Brent Musburger, Dan Patrick, Lynn Swann, Lawrence Taylor, Paul Wight, Jamie Williams, Marc Kittay, Matt Baylis, Jack Carroll, Tom Nowicki, Ric Swezey, Matthew Lussier, Haven Gaston, Mike Hold, Kevin Reid, Mattie Wolf, Phyllis Alia, Dave Wagner, Tina Barr, Michael Giarraputo, Marty Eli Schwartz, Jennifer Basa, Renee Behan, Nathan Benson, Aaron J. Brooks, Brian Brophy, Philip Centanni, Tony Collucci, Bill DeMott, Louise Denecke, Will Green, Jeff Greer, Heather Hegeman, Stephen Krstulich, Dave Mallow, Patrick Martin Jr., Ken McCoy, Travis McGehee, Kevin McGui
Year: 1998


Bobby Boucher is the lowly waterboy for a college football team, until the coach discovers his amazing talent for tackling people much bigger than him. He signs the Waterboy as the new star player, but Bobby must keep it secret from his overbearing and domineering mother. Written by Travis Kennedy