THE MAPLE CLUB ELITE - $15 per year

• Every $1 spent on tickets, refreshments and cafe items on Friday, Saturday and Sunday earns 1 point towards concession and box office rewards

• Every $1 spent on food/refreshments/cafe on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday earns 3 points toward concession and box office rewards

• Attend a movie on Monday and save $2 off regular ticket price.

• Upgraded* size of popcorn and soft drinks on every visit with free refills

• Receive The Maple Newsletter in your email every week as well as information regarding special screenings and events

-Earn a $5 voucher toward all purchases for every 150 points earned.

-Birthday Reward of ONE FREE TICKET during the month of your birthday

• Sign up at the theater to receive your membership card and receive ONE FREE POPCORN* during that visit.


• Upon arrival guests will be offered a complimentary popcorn at the concession stand and then directed to the extra-wide, luxurious seats at the rear of the auditoriums.  On Friday and Saturday evening, there will be waitstaff to take all service requests

• Complimentary popcorn is included with any other concessions, bar, or Great Lakes Coffee purchase

• Seat-side service(when available) will continue through the previews and all tabs will be settled as the previews end

• $5 charge per ticket for all patrons except VIP members


• Please email to join or speak to a manager when visiting theater

• All admissions, popcorn, and soda are complimentary

• 10% discount on all other purchases in the building

• Access to Club Seating at no charge for 1 year including complimentary items and seat-side service mentioned above when available.

• Discounted access to specific* special events including Opera and Ballet. Complimentary tickets for some special events where contractually not prohibited.

• $350 for a single-person or $600 for a two-person membership.